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Maria Mancini is a traditional Cuban-style blend of Honduran leaf handcrafted by master cigar maker, Señor Nestor Plasencia in Danli, Honduras. Carefully fermented long-leaf tobaccos are hand selected to create this creamy, full-flavor liga. The recipe is a balanced blend of seco, viso, and ligero designed to provide a rich, lush smoke that remains smooth and bite-free. Each bunch is finished with either a Cuban-seed Habana 2000 wrapper, which lends a spicier edge to this cigar's flavor, or an oily, dark Costa Rican maduro wrapper, which produces a mellower, chocolate-like flavor.

Upon rolling, each cigar is gently trunk pressed into a cuadrado-style square shape and packed in a 20-count presentation cabinet. Priced economically, Maria Mancini remains one of the best overall values available for any handmade premium cigar. The combination of their fine construction, excellent flavor, and exceptional value pricing has made the Maria Mancini one of the most popular cigars with our customers. Available in the following eight sizes and wrapper selections:

Types of Maria Mancini