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The 5 Year Aged Wrapper is from a True Hybrid Seed grown only by the Eiroa Family. The Wrapper is a Special Cross-Breeding of Cameroon and 59 Cuban Corojo Seeds that took years to develop into its true perfection.

Binder: The Binder is a 4 Year Aged Dominican Ligero

Filler Blend: 4 and 5 Year Aged Dominican Piloto Cubano and Honduran Tobaccos from the Eiroa and Kelner Families.

The cigar is medium to medium plus in body depending on the size. The Hybrid Wrapper greatly influences the blend and the cigar has a very unique flavor profile unlike any other cigar on the market. The amazing complexity and balance of the cigar comes from a unique blend which delivers a more refined and smooth “white pepper” along with a unique spice profile with hints of cinnamon, toasted coffee bean, and a pleasurable light sweetness. The awesome finish develops into a creamy burst of unique flavors which are very pleasing to the palate. The AKA Hybrid is a roller coaster ride for the palate. So get on board and Enjoy The Ride!!!

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